Ramblings from a South Central Texas Wood Butcher #23: TDH and TMSGO (Too Dang Hot and Too Much Stuff Going On)

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Been a while since I’ve finished any projects. The last was the porch swing and before that a plaque that I made for a friend.

Here in South Central Texas, we’re in the hot part of the summer. My wood shop is in the old airplane hangar, so it gets hot out there. I can’t handle the heat these days, so I’m not out turning wood into shavings and dust.

On top of the heat, there’s just a lot going on. We’ve been working on a grassland restoration project in the front 40, I tore up the bucket hydraulics on the tractor, Selena’s transmission went out, her Dad’s been in and out of the hospital and two care facilities, and is now coming home tomorrow for Hospice to take over. Yep, kind of hectic around here, and I have gastric surgery scheduled for next week. Gotta fix some “Plumbing” issues. :-(

I don’t have any projects lined up but I need to come up with some. Get me a little Woodworking Therapy. I thank everybody for the project posts, as it’s given me some ideas.

Well, I’ve got some more computer work to take care of.

All the best to everybody. Until next time, Peace!

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler

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Good luck with the plumbing. I agree with you about the heat. Here in Houston ist has been unbearable for about a month Just plain hot and humid.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

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