Founder / Instructor at The Canadian School of French Marquetry

I'm a retired wood boat builder. I spent most of my life self employed, owned a small shipyard for a while and retired in 2004 after selling a small ferry business that I started in 1990. When I sold it, it had twelve 20' ferries , nine of which I had built myself.
In my retirement I sail my 30' Nonsuch Catboat in the Canadian Gulf Islands and the American San Juans and play in my fully equipped woodworking shop.
I took up marquetry in 2010 and have built around fifteen chevalets (de marqueterie) Most of my woodworking now involves marquetry in some form but everything I make involves a challenge to accomplish something I haven't done before.
In 2015 I opened The Canadian School of French Marquetry teaching in my shop in Cowichan Bay, but as of fall 2019 have replaced the in shop classes with interactive video classes.

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.