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Apr 2014


Founder / Instructor at The Canadian School of French Marquetry
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I just picked up my mail to find four copies of the latest Canadian Woodworking Magazine. It features an article I worte almost three years ago. I had forgotten all about it until I got a call last month. !

I've entered a contest

Hi all. I have entered my Louis XIV jewellery box in a contest at woodworkers source. Today is the last day of voting and I am in the lead. I’m not actually really soliciting votes or anything :-) …. but if you’d like to check it out you can find the contest here:...

Got some good press for my school

Lee Valley’s social media person contacted me a week or so ago about posting some of my work. Yesterday this post appeared ……. with the link to my school. You can’t buy press like this. I am thrilled. … and the numbers that are building up are shocking. https://www.facebook.com/LeeValleyTools/videos/1055059431214286/

I won two awards!

The winners of the 2015 Veneertech Craftsman’s Challenge were announced today at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas and while I didn’t place “in the money”, I did manage to win special judge’s awards for my jewellery box in the marquetry category and my old Jack in the box in the specialty items category. I’m pretty pleased, there were a lot of very good entries. You can see all the winners here: http://www.veneertech.com/challenge/entries/

Chevalet Demos at the Sooke Fine Art Show

Some photos of my chevalet demos at the Sooke Fine Art Show on Saturday. There was lots of interest and several people took course outlines and registration forms for my new marquetry courses. I’m building four new chevalets to allow me to have five students per class. You can watch the progress in this blog. It was great fun to meet new people and introduce them to this wonderful old tool and the work it is able to do.

Liability of teaching a class in my shop - Canada

Last year I gave a chevalet demonstration at a local fine art show where I was asked several times about giving courses etc. This year I have been asked to do a longer demo in which I will include some hands on time for interested viewers. I will be asked again about courses. I would like to pass on some of what I have learned and would like to “spread the word” as it were about the chevalet as a marquetry cutting tool. My thoughts are that I might offer a course at my shop for a small...

Gotta love hot hide glue, a small shop mishap

I had a little glue spill today …… on my workbench top. Back in my epoxy days this would have been a major catastrophe if it had been mixed up and worse if it wasn’t, and expensive too. Even with pva glue it would have been a messy cleanup with an unlikely material recovery prognosis. …but with HHG, I just waited for it to cool and gel, then scraped it up off the bench with a cabinet scraper (without scraping the bench itself) and put it back in the pot. Any stray wood chips will float to...

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, anyone going?

I will be in the Festival this year (Sept. 5,6,7) with Friendship and would love to chat with any other members in the area that might be taking in the show. Friendship shouldn’t be hard to find and I’ll be aboard most of the time. I hope to see some of you there. Lots of beautiful boats to see. http://www.nwmaritime.org/wooden-boat-foundation/wooden-boat-festival Paul