I learned to love wood working from my best friend’s father many years ago as a teen.
I am a 32-year Veteran of the US Army. Along with that came several deployments. As a lot of my brother Veterans we had to learn to find an out, a way to cope. Wood working is that way of organized form for me.

About My Art
I see beauty in all wood, hence I will not add coloring to a finished piece. Some woods have natural blemishes. I will work to enhance those. I work with all kinds of woods from domestics to imported and I have a section for upcycled lumber, i.e. made from old wood pallets. Again, seeing the hidden and creating the organized beauty. Jewelry Boxes, Valet Boxes, Keepsake Boxes
I use domestic and imported woods. As I mentioned earlier, I will work to enhance some natural blemishes in woods. These include knots natural holes and cracks that don't interfere with the integrity of the piece. I work hard to remove defects in the woods. Sometimes I become my own worst critic. I will not use coloring on my pieces. I believe in the natural beauty of the wood no matter how subtle or how robust.
I have a one tracked mind. Each piece is made in its entirety before moving on to the next.
You may see similar pieces, but each has its own character.
Before You Ask.
I do not do custom work. I wish feel relaxed while in the shop. If I wish to stop for a cup of coffee I can do so. If you do not see something today please come back. My mind is ever working.

Giving Back
10% of all I make goes to the Veterans food pantry. To help put food on the table for hungry and Veterans and their families. If you wish to donate please visit your nearby Veterans Affairs Hospital or Clinic.