Thanks for posting this incredible rocker here! We just can’t get enough of that gorgeous cherry. Can’t wait to see what other masterpieces you’ll be making from the rest of it.


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Wow! Just amazingly beautiful, true art. The wood, the lines and particularly that sculptured seat. Thank you for sharing.


What a beauty.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Amazing work.this is one beautiful chair.

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Just beautiful!

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Thank you all for your kind comments you are a wonderful group.

-- Soli Deo gloria!

your skills really show in your work , fantastic job


Love it, exceptional timber and craftsmanship !

wood wolf

Thanks William. I had not seen your creations until to day, as I often do I look at my commenters posted work, and let me say I was I’m pressed at the great projects you have posted on this site.

-- Soli Deo gloria!