LHCD #2: Day 2 work Jigging about and Profiling


This is part 2 in a 3 part series: LHCD

Well almost a day, it was so windy here AM I thought somebody had redirected Irma my way.
A very sad state of affairs in Florida and surrounding damage path I must say.

Anyway about mid morning I decided to continue on spent about 5 hours getting to where I am today.
First up I made the base to hold the wood in the two jigs, then the base for the router, and then the two profiling guides.

I made the back jig first at that was the correct sequence to start the profiling.

The router base

I bought this router as a back up unit and it hasn’t seen much use so I got it out, dusted it off, and surprised it today.

The Jig No 1
Basic melamine construction designed to fit over the material tray below.

After the final touches put it to work.

It differs in design from how Les originally designed his, mainly because as I have no real workshop and any dedicated work area I decided to screw it on to a small table of the wifes she had in the garden,
That way I had some where to work.
I was quite surprised as to how well it worked, and set about profiling all the backs of the panels and stiles.

With that done I then made Jig No 2 to profile the fronts

Jig No 2 required quite a bit of tuning, as first up I got some fairly unacceptable results due to too much wobble and play.
With packing sections of cardboard in the base and the guides under the router I managed to remove most of the mismatch, but not all of it. (read as sanding practice coming up)

I got to the stage of accepting the uneven surface, as no matter how I tried I coud not get it perfect, and so continued on and profiled all the fronts.

This is the result.

And another shot from a different angle.

Conclusion: I am not sure how Les makes any money out of these doors as it looks like I am in for a lot of work, its now day 2 and I invisage at least another two days at least to finish.

OK time to clean up all the mess and continue on another day.

Regards Rob


I think Les’s clients are ultra-wealthy and can afford his time, but maybe Les has it down to a science by now and can spin them out fairly quickly. At my pace, I’m sure I’d still be on the first jig!!


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