LHCD #3: Panel glue up and progress to dry full assembly


This is part 3 in a 3 part series: LHCD

  1. Les Hastings Curved Doors
  1. Day 2 work Jigging about and Profiling
  2. Panel glue up and progress to dry full assembly

Another part day getting the Panel Door to a completed dry assembly stage.

It began with an overnight glue up of the panels, but first up a bit on the rails.

I forgot to metion how I made them, so, a quick burst, made on the bandsaw using yet another jig for cutting two radiuses the face at 500mm and the backs at 475mm. the two sections were then glued together and finished on the sander. There are three rails top middle and bottom all the same width. I didnt take any pictures either must have been having too much fun!!

More jigs were needed to maintain the correct position of everything and a squaring check before walking away.

It all went well so I continued on.

Sanding of the complete panel was done and some minor warping corrected at the back to ensure everything sat flat and flush. Started at 40 and progressed to 80.

Then it was on to the table saw to cut the panels into the two sections.
Everyone is all very competent in sanding and sawing so I didnt take any exciting pictures of the process.

Next I set to work profiling the two panels, this is how I did it and the results I finished with.

Starting with the endgrain I worked away until I had a reasonable result, I think it took about 4 passes each side.

Then onto the sides, same process as abpove and achieved the same result.

A bit of gnarnly spot otherwise ready for more sanding.

Next was the rabbets for the rails and stiles.

This was simply a bit setup and using a piece of off cut scrap adjusted the height and depth to suit, once i had the correct fit ran everything through.

Dry assembled everything expecting to have to do adjustments but all was A OK.

Now all that is left to do is the final sand, bog the knot and nail holes and glue everything together and presto Finished.

Well maybe not,….. I may have to make a second set instead of just one to be able to use them!

Regards Rob


No profile on the rails and stiles?? You’re making this look simple, but I know better. You’re making quick progress. I like your two-panel design.

You could make money on those doors. You only need to charge about $500 each and you’d at least get minimum wage!!


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