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Nail (Screw) Cabinet #6: Final Assembly


This is part 6 in a 6 part series: Nail (Screw) Cabinet

  1. Introduction
  1. Hardware & Glue-up
  2. Final Assembly

Okay. In the last installment I noted that a glued up drawer front / sides piece went kinda 'parallelogram' on me overnight. To affect a repair, I brushed water in each of the front corner joints and set it on the shop heater to warm it up thoroughly. Clamped it square and hoped for the best.

I just like this 'in process' picture.

And clamped drawer backs into place after gluing.

Marked, drilled, cut and nailed bottoms.

Removed excess from backs.

While the glue set, I hit the crate with some Howard's orange oil and beeswax to bring out some of the rich tone of the old pine box while giving it a bit of protection. Not much of a protective finish, I know, but I like it and it's in the Shop Style Guide. Anyway, when that was done, the slanted drawer came out of the clamps and was surprisingly much closer to square. Very pleased to see that!

So with all drawers put together, all eight drawers were put back into the divided crate kinda like a puzzle gets worked on… Grain has to line up, and not all drawers are exactly the same (shocker!). With that, assembly was done!

With some final fitting remaining tomorrow evening (and a project post), we have a bench at rest tonight!

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Very cool Smitty!

"Duck and Bob would be out doin some farming with funny hats on." chrisstef

Me likey Smitty. I bet that weighs a bit once it is full of nails and screws.

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