Flip-Top Cart #4: Completing the Rotating Platform


This is part 4 in a 8 part series: Flip-Top Cart

While I was working out the details for how to mount the casters, I spent some time finishing up the rotating platform.  I made the fixed and sliding stops out of more of the salvaged ash already incorporated into the top.

After milling some pieces to match the thickness of the platform, I selected one for the sliding stop and routed a dado to accept an ash runner.

Because there's a specific side for each tool and a particular way I need the tools to rotate in/out of the cart, the runner needed to be attached to a specific edge of the platform.  I'm just screws to attach the stops - I want to be able to remove them if necessary to shave the platform's radial edges if the fit is too tight. 

Trimming the overhang.

I cut a set of the sliding stops to length - not quite half the width of the platform.

I got a box of these bicycle quick-release cam clamps on Amazon.  They don't seem too robust, but they should work for holding the sliding stops in place.  I removed the included threaded knob and substituted a dowel nut.

Holes for the dowel nut and the clamp shaft:

A slot in each of the sliding stops limits their travel.  Fully retracted, they'll be 1/16" in from the edge.  Fully extended, they'll stick out 1-1/2" inches.  (I added the extra extension just in case I decide to widen the seat where they'll rest.)

With the sliding stops mostly complete (I still want to glue on some kind of knob to make them easier to slide), I attached the fixed stop on the opposite edge and the platform was ready for action.
Moving along Ross, the little cam clamp is thinking outside the box. One never knows what types of things can work as not intended.

Main Street to the Mountains

Coming along really nicely Ross!
This is working out well. Thanks for the update.
Thanks, guys.  Yeah, it's coming along.  I had a productive weekend and the cart is almost complete.  I've got another batch of photos to share in the next post.
Coming right along and looking good. 

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)