Queen Anne's Legs Bling

as promised I played with QA legs today and added some bling.
First up was a radius profile of the outside.

Once I had the right height all the legs were profiled on the outsides.

Next I decided to add some internal support .

When I cut the 45 Deg angles for the glue up I had various pieces of triangular offcuts.

So sorting the off cuts into the best possible grain match I ended up with this.

Applied glue and used some spring clamps to hold the sections in place.

here is a close up of the result.

While the glue was setting I filled any defects with Filler.

Using my trusty pull saw I trimmed off the excess and sanded the legs to a suitable finish.

All looking pretty nice I thought

next I guess I will have to stain them with Walnut, Cherry, Maple or Mahogany to fool even the most critical antique furniture critics !!!!

Regards Rob

Them there are looking to be some sweet feet! The corner braces are a nice way to go, scrap wood, long grain glue-up,  and tucked away.
Those are turning out to be pretty nice. Great job.
You going Yankee on me RC... working with feet rather than metric.

Ebonize it...

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

I'm still baffled by how gawd-awfully bow legged Queen Anne was.
Hey Splint you devil
I was not up in the high society family enough to be afforded a peek so I will have to take your word on that aspect.
I wonder how it all came about anyway I will have to do some WW research and see if I can find an answer.
LBD may know as  it seem s he may be a foot man.

Standby for some interesting facts (well maybe some loosely prepared facts)

Regards Rob

Pretty darned cool Rob.