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No disrespect to Splinter’s post, however, with me being diagnosed with ADHD, what I consider as a potential “motley” affect, 
I had to do my own due diligence and draw my own conclusions. I’m a PVA or CA guy and hate/avoid using that poxy glue
Now I’m not inferring that Splinter’s affect is unacceptable… in fact I feel that it has its own unique niche, I personally prefer straight/flat monotones and was wondering if Timbermate made a “better” backfill..
I threw the cross into Corel and came up with enough designs to scare the bjesus outta me, 
and intimidated me thinking there was a Jehovah Witness doorknocker invasion in downtown Churchill…. no offence meant JWs, unfortunately I’m never home when you always seem to call on Sunday mornings when I should still be asleep.
After a while settled on this basic designs, 
the red was tossed in because…. I can’t remember.
The firsts run was my favourite monotone of black on white (MDF masquerading as the white),
I decided to cut out and backfill, so I extended the circumference to permit a “wall” for the perimeter backfill to be butted against,
Started to backfill with Timbermate ebony,
I had to fish those 4 cut-outs (light MDF) out of the bin to push out the Timbermate I spread into the gaps… should have done that before starting to backfill.
Sanded and buffed the cross,
leaving the border raw MDF.  
Looked a tad bland, so I stained the outer part black, 
and buffed that as well,
Being a wog, I love colours, however, my initial choice of red and green
was not in keeping with Splinter, so I opted for a blue infill… 
OK, the blue has nothing to do with Splinter but rather in tribute to my now deceased Blue Nightie.  
Laying down some laser masking tape (one piece, no overlaps), the primary outline was engraved  and backfilled with Timbermate ebony,
Then it was time to embrace the Turquoise challenge. After sanding flush, I covered the pre-engraved item with my laser masking tape,
and backfilled with my special brew of blue,
Hmm. I think I must have uttered a few cuss words as I feel I may have made it a tad too blue but under the circumstances, it was acceptable
Peeling back the masking,

there was the task of sanding away the masking tape and at the end I wasn’t disappointed with the result.
Some of the close ups was in my opinion, a fair representation of the desired result.
however, while a more even surface is what I prefer, it has a few “stress points”, though it may not be the stressed affect some may require. 
I probably should have sanded and air blasted before backfilling.
At the end of the day, I don’t think I proved anything other than beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…. Hmm, I may patent that phrase.
This may not be every ones cuppa T, however, I still remain a fan of the Timbermate wood filler over any poxy product… less mess and easier to clean up. 

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD



Also impressive 


well done my ducking ! i agree about the timbermate it's my go to filler. cant be beat imho !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Is this becoming a my laser is bigger than your laser thing?
Nice job! Good write up as usual. 
I'm impressed! 

BTW, the pock marks are clear areas in the poxy, this lad would never leave a surface laden with pits and defects. no sir eeeeee! 🕺

Your TM dying skills are impressive, but where are the pearlescent swirls and creamy goodness indiciative of a vigorous mixing of some hardener and resin? Didn't think so 🤔

Gotta admit, that TM sure likes to take a buffing. What is it made from? Must be some kinda vegimite and roo extract, superb!
I'm amazed that your burn didn't leave the depth all black, did you brush it out?

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!
In the immortal words of that Aussie Arthur Hoggett in "Babe", 

That'll do pig! 👍
How do you go about buffing that out Ducky?

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Well Done Duck-o-matic!


 commented about 1 hour ago
How do you go about buffing that out Ducky?

I use the Beall Buffing system... I started drafting out a reply, took 1,000 photos, wrote a 10,000 word novel, had 2 sleeps and then I moved from the page and lost it all.... Martin's gotta fix that or put in a save don't publish feature.

Decided to write a Review about it so you may need to wait a day or so for the "retort".

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

I’ll be excited to see your review. I’ve got the Beall system and love it!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Bummer, I'll have to refine my taradiddles.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD