Spinnekop #29: Kap (part 1)


This is part 29 in a 32 part series: Spinnekop

  1. Preparations
  1. As
  2. Kap (part 1)
  3. Kap (part 2)
  1. Kruihaspel

Lets start with the "head" of the mill

These are called the "voegberry"
The joints are mortise and tenon.
In the midle there the hole for the "tube"

At the end of the "voegberry" beams there are dovetail joints

The "tial" of the mill is added with a mortise and tenon and a butt joint

The base frame of the head of the mill is ready. Lets add the corner pilars and the rails
Making the tenons on my mini circular saw.
using the drill press as a router to mill the mortises
Putting it all together

the top rails called the "voeghouten" need some mortises as seen on page 2 of the drawing
The upgrade from the drillpress is this mini router.

To make the bearing for the main spindel