Spinnekop #35: Roeden

It's time to make the wings!

Lets start with a nice piece of straigth oak. I'll be using a old bed railing. It dry and will not warp.

Sawing it into lumber for the boards and for the wings. The two opposite wings are made from one beam in dutch called a "roede".

So there are two of those beams. One close to the mill the inner beam and a outer beam.
To let them turn in the same plane the inner beam is "bend" and the outer one is straigth.

A quick fit.

And then marking out all the holes

Then using my small router making the holes.

Using my custom made vice to angle the holes so the "fence" gets a angle as on the crosssection on the drawing

Sawing small strips of 2 by 4 mm

The width of the ends of the wings als tapers

And is shaped at the beldsander

The front and the back of the wings are chamfert 

And then adding the "fencework" (plain translation from dutch)

A test fit

Adding little cleats so the boards are in one plane

Then glueing it all together. (you can't have to many clamps)

A quick test fit

And then the other beam

And now for the boards... After cutting them to size i discoverd a measuring error...
So i removed the front strips and reglue them with the boards in place.

At the back of the boards are cleats

And at the front there are swivels to lock the boards in place

That completes the wings now its time for painting....


This sure adds a lot to the appearance!
Detail is tops!
Are these used for milling grains or pumping water?