Spinnekop #31: Staart, trap en spruiten


This is part 31 in a 32 part series: Spinnekop

  1. Preparations
  1. Kap (part 2)
  2. Staart, trap en spruiten
  3. Kruihaspel

To turn the head of the mill into the wind the windmill has a "tail"
It is strengthen this construction there are braces to transfer the forces.

To get access to the head of the mill there is a stair main in the "tail",
so the miller get at the axle and put some grease on it. 
Starting with the "Hanger" (no translation needed i think)
Then making the "slof" witch roughly translates to slipper.
Adding the "trapbomen" (stair beams) and "schoren" (braces)
Some details
All assembled. The little winder will be in my next blog post.


Interesting to watch progress.