Bucket chip collector

I saw a couple of dust collector posts and figured I’d throw my lot in. I made a bucket chip collector for my shop vac. I really like the bucket aspect of it because it’s simple to build and outrageously sturdy. The bucket contains an orange cone for the cyclone.

The base of the cone fits nearly perfectly into a paint bucket. I screwed it to the sides of the bucket with those little framing screws.

The lid has a plywood circle on top and bottom to support the 2" PVC fittings. I sealed the circles with silicone and then screwed them together from the bottom side. The hard part for me was citing the holes for the PVC fittings because I don’t have a home saw big enough. I got it started with the hole saw and finished it with the jig saw.

The best part is that I found a metal lid with a lock ring at work. It came off a bucket of floor glue. That makes putting the collection bucket on and off very easy.

It works great for sawdust. I used it while sanding drywall and found its about 50% efficient but with sawdust it’s 98%+. Not too shabby. I’m happy with it. Thanks for looking.

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That’s pretty neat. Good innovation!

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It’s not really my design. I found it on instructables.com. I only change the cone and hose sizes. I can’t take credit for it but it is a good design. I also made an adapter ring using another bucket so I could mount it to a barrel for big planer jobs.

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Good Job!!!

And great choice on the bucket….my favorite paint.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas- www.awwtx.com

The barrel was such a good idea. I’m making interior doors today and used it with the planer. I planed off nearly 1/4" from a bunch of lumber. It’s always a lot of shavings when I do this. Now I have to figure out how to dump the shavings into a trash can for yard waste day. LOL

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