Crafting with yarns includes the technique of crocheting, which, as with most crafts, has many different variations, such as Tunisian. Exploring, experimenting, learning, creating, sharing, encouraging, teaching … all part of the crafting world

Poinsettia Afghan - Tunisian

I saw this afghan posted on FB... and thought that it would be a wonderful addition to the Christmas Season no pattern, but it should be easy enough to design. 

Waffle Stitch Hat

This is my version of the Waffle Stitch Hat. My first one was TOO SMALL so I ripped it out and re-did it. My second one, posted here, was TOO BIG but I kept it anyway. I've adapted my plan and this third one was JUST RIGHT! “I feel like GOLDILOCKS!

Learning Curve: Connected DC

When making my "Basic Hat" I decided to use DC (double #crochet) stitches to speed up the process. My goal is to make 12 hats for my guests at our Christmas dinner.  On their own, DC stitches don't really create a very warm product, as there are big


Just wanting to say "hi" and to introduce myself. I am the Grandmother to 3, the mother to 2, the partner to 1, and the second me to none ;) I live in Rural Ontario, Canada and have lived within 20 miles of here my entire life. I love crocheting.

Learning Curve: Crochet Rings

As part of my “12 things for Christmas", I decided to make some crocheted #jewelry - rings, to be specific I searched some designs and decided on a basic design, to get things started. BASIC:  SOURCE • Chain 15 or 16 (depending on your desired siz

Whatchya Workin' On?

Inquiring minds want to know .... what's on your hook these days?