Short Block V8, a Small Beginner's Bench with Attitude

This is a simple but solid workbench for my small shop in Az. I designed it specifically to be build-able with minimal tools, simple skills and readily available materials. That said it includes a leg vice, a wagon vice and holdfasts. It lacks only size and in my case that’s an advantage. It is also easily portable as lifting the wagon vice end brings the wheels on the other end into contact with the floor for quick relocation. Total cost is around $100 without looking for bargains. (holdfasts extra)

This is a rigid, very solid workbench but the basic bench can be built with a skilsaw, a router, a drill, and a few hand tools from two sheets of 3/4 plywood. The vices require a bandsaw and a table saw but cost only a few dollars to make up so take the money you save and buy a used ShopSmith.

There is a detailed, step by step construction blog here that includes a sketchup model complete with exploded views and plywood sheet layout for cuts.

This one is 2’ X 4’ but the plans are easily expandable.

It is my hope that this design will help beginning woodworkers produce a sturdy workbench upon which they can learn and assemble the skills required to enjoy the hobby to the fullest and maybe even build a big beautiful bench later on.

Thanks for looking in.


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Good looking bench seems to be vert sturdy. It should save you well, good job Paul.

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Good idea Paul ,That V8 you put on projects always signals to me who made it.

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