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Marquetry Box Full of Experiments

Marquetry Box Full of Experiments
This is not my application to join the fancy box club. It represents a series of experiments conducted to prepare the way for that application at some later date. As with all experiments, some went well and some not so well but all were valuable learning experiences.

This is an MDF based box, veneered inside and out with hot hide glue using vacuum bag, hammer veneering and clamps with cauls in the various areas as required.

The veneers are:

  • Lid and insets on sides, back: Carpathian Elm Burl
  • Stringing: Paduk
  • Body of box: Black Mottle Makore
  • Inside of box: Walnut
  • Inside lid and bottom: Big Leaf Maple
  • Inside detail: Purpleheart, Zebrano
  • Dyed marquetry: Big Leaf Maple

The hinge is Purpleheart and Holly, the trays are Arbutus with Purpleheart handles and the base and lid trim are Wenge.

The experiments were:

  • To see how far I could force a burl veneer to conform to a non flat surface.
  • To see if I could apply my watercolor dye process to tiny pieces of thin veneer.
  • To see if it was feasible to hammer veneer round corners.
  • To see if my wooden hinge would work on a thicker, heavier box.

What I learned:

  • Burl veneer can be remarkable malleable.
  • Burl veneers aren’t a good background for dyed marquetry.
  • You can hammer veneer corners.
  • The hinge works famously but should have been full length.
  • MDF is not a good base for gluing / stripping / re-gluing with hot glue. Hardwood would have worked better.

For the most part I’m quite happy with it although it has many flaws if you get close and examine it. Any day you learn something is a good day.

Thanks for looking.

Comments, critiques and questions are always welcome.

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I can’t even!!!
I can’t even find words — beautiful; extraordinary experiments!

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Marquetry Box, very Pretty. Beautiful workmanship.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Even your experiments turn out amazing! that lid looks like it was made from a solid pc. Great job Paul!

-- Paul--- Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. — Scott Adams

Extra nice well-done paul.

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