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Doll Bed ( Trundle style)

This is a doll bed built for my two great granddaughters. I started Wednesday night making the drawing and cutting the wood and finished painting in Thursday afternoon. It had to be done for today, Friday.

It is 11 1/2" x 22" x 13" high at the headboard. The pull out bed is lock mitered and the top bed frame rails  are doweled into the head and foot boards so there are no fasteners showing.

It is painted with white enamel. Mckinlee wanted it pink, but I can't find any pink spray paint right now.

Cheers, Jim


very nice jim gonna make em real happy.

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Very cute,  way better than my grandbabies plastic crap one.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

Very cute...and a hidden "bonus doll" as well.  Throw in a pink blanket and you'll have fulfilled the spirit of the color request.  Great project!
Wonderful project. Nothing like build for the Grands and Great Grands. I love it , great job Jim.

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You have made the great granddaughters very happy with that one, well done.

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They will definitely enjoy these. Good job !!!   Mike
I wonder if a wash of red-tinted shellac over white spray paint would give a good pink?

Nice little bed, Jim! You’ve been busy!
Nice work Jim. Got the lock miters nice and tight
Thank you all for the nice comments..........................Cheers, Jim
Now that’s very clever Jim. 
Top design with the trundle!

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Thanks, buddy. I had to have a place for 2 dolls and this was my first thought!!

Cheers, Jim