Some of my boxes

It says I need to post a project for approval to this site. I don't have any new projects so I thought I would post some of my favorite boxes I have done over the years. Boxes are by far my favorite projects to do and I have done many. Lately, I am making a lot of the post office boxes using PO doors. 

Number one is from a box swap on a prior site. I used assorted wood and combined three box styles into one. I even added antique copper mirrors in the spaces for an amazing effect. My gosh I liked this one!

Number 2 Is a donation for an auction benefiting veterans. The flag and eagle is carved in and medals from all US wars fill in the spaces.

Number three is a "punisher"  box made from box elder. The box elder just made it stand out.

Number four is a sampling of my PO box doors. So far, I have made 80 of these in different woods, styles and sizes. I've become a legend in my local community with these.

Number five is my Engineer box. I built this one for myself to hold my Itaq service stuff and keep sakes.

Number six is my PO box truck. I made this one from scrap for sale and came out the best. I instead gave it to my Son instead. 


cool stuff my friend.

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Welcome Jeff!  
Love them boxes, wish I had grabbed a bunch of the PO box doors when they were giving them away back in the 80's (sigh)
Some beautiful boxes Jeff, Well Done.

Main Street to the Mountains

Welcome Jeff! While they are all great I like the engineer box the most.
Thanks Steve. I had wanted to try that one for a long time. It proved to be a great learning experience.
I'm too punch drunk to appreciate boxing, however, that mail delivery truck hits the post...

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Thanks LBD. I was building two and had enough scrap laying around to make a third one. Each different wood combinations. As it turned out, this one came out best. 
my only complaint is i think you should have made separate post for each one that veteran box looks GR8  

GR8 JOB 😍😎


Just finished the 2 for the doors you sent me. That will be an upcoming post.

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Hey Jeff - welcome aboard.  I know my wife really likes her P.O Bank.
They are all great, Jeff.  

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