My box swap entry-For Pottz

Here's my entry for the 2023 box swap. This one went to Pottz. I've done box swaps before and this time wanted to make something different. I wanted to make a box that looked good and could actually become something that may be used every day. Also that may be shared if Pottz wanted to. Everyone knows I make a lot of post office box door banks so I thought that would be a good start. I included two doors, both with slots for change or one could be used for valuables. I added a shelf that may be used for possibly placing a cell phone or two for charging. I even included a slot in the back for the cord(s). Two drawers for keeping whatever in. I completed the box by having his online name and the year etched on the door glass.

The box is build with oak and accented with walnut. All the joints are dado and was quite a challenge. I don't have a dado set so I used my table saw and did each one with a single blade and then cleaned them out. The drawers are walnut. 

The doors are 1965 Corbin and are cleaned, shined, oiled and reconditioned.

As a bonus, I turned a multidrive screwdriver from a mystery wood that was given to me. I feel like its mahogany but not sure. Since this is a box swap, I felt it needed a box to encase it. I made a small sliding lid box from walnut. This was my first attempt at a box like this. I had a lot of trouble finishing it due to my table saw dying.

I'm glad Pottz like all I sent and hope he gets lots of use out of each one. 


So much more than just a box Jeff, really like the touches (name/year, walnut trim/drawers/ etc.)

Definitely a center of the table piece, awesome job!
Well Done Jeff. The PO Boxes are neat, and a wonderful idea to use 2 of them in the project (His an Her's) The finish looks great along with the etching in the glass. The screwdriver is a neat Bonus, and a great presentation box was built for it. 

Thanks for participating in the Swap.

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Jeff, before I comment on your work - a tip.  Take one of your rip blades to the service where you get your blades sharpened and have them put a flat-top-grind on it.  They can easily do this for cheap.  Then, when you need to do dados, use that FTG - and you wont have to clean up the groove.

I was secretly hoping to get one of your Bank Boxes.  Oh well, maybe another time.  The doors you used here are really beautiful, and you doubled up, so doubly beautiful.

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Amazing craftsmanship and good design!

No name noobie here

as the proud happy recipient i gotta say this is a well made quality project thats gonna be proudly displayed and used in my home. thanks again buddy.

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Jeff, that's a good one. Well done!!

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This is way cool, love those doors, fantastic creation.
you have done it again a GR8  Idea please tell me more about the glass GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


Thanks for all the comments guys. This was really a great swap to be part of.
Eric thanks for hosting this swap.
Pottz, so glad you like everything.
WildBrianWood I may look into that blade grinding. As for a PO door box, we may be able to look into that. :-)
GR8HUNTER I found a friend that I haven't seen for years who has a laser etcher that does glass.

Nice looking PO Box project.  Where do you get the doors?

daveg, SW Washington & AZ

Nice job, Jeff! Sounds like you made a happy Pottz!

May you have the day you deserve!

 Nice looking PO Box project.  Where do you get the doors? 

Dave. Actually, I find them where ever I can. I check junk and antique shops all the time. I find quite a few there. Also I found a full rack at an auction center and was able to buy it without bidding. I've used E bay some but you have to be careful there. With pictures you have to know what to look for and the price can go up quite a bit. 
Nice work Jeff. The etched glass is a special touch on an already well thought out and executed piece. 👍

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Cool looking box/cabinet Jeff.
Shipwright and Mike, thanks guys.
I'm days late to the party. I really like the double door idea as well as the drawers and shelf. Looks really nice Jeff!

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Just in a nick of time, with all the flooding Pottz has seen, he needs a secure location for his fortune. We all know he's loaded, we've seen the pics of his yard. :-)

Jeff a very nice bank, but I liked the screwjie driver and box a bit more. Nice builds.
The quality of this swap's projects has been excellent and this one is no exception. Nice projects!
I don't know how I missed this one Jeff! Incredible job!!! (like usual...)


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