Puzzles or Signs

It's Christmas time, we have 9 grandchildren, for newborn to 6, So the idea was to create puzzles with their names, or even a room sign for the youngest and the older ones. 

I used 1/4 Maple plywood for the top and for the bottom, glued together and banded with a simple pine frame. The letters were painted with acrylic, and the boards were stained and clear coated using the HVLP gun. This project took longer than I thought it would. Of course, I have a few other projects going on to, swaps, and shop stuff. The time-consuming part was cutting all of the letters (twice) with the scroll saw and fitting all of them into the first cutout. Never doing this project again, but worth it this time around. (No laser in my shop).

The only thing left is to wrap the gifts and ship them out.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome and appreciated. 

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Wow that’s a lot of scrolling Eric. They look great
Thanks Corelz. Yea it was, but worth every bit of it. When I was painting the letters, I used 7 colors, set all the names out and counted for the spacing, so I ended up with more less a random color schedule. Fun project, but glad it done.

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Looks great Eric! Neat to have them all have the same look…

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

They'll have fun with that!

If you tag it with  woodentoybuild2022 you can be in the drawing for a plan from Dutchy!
They look nice! If I were Ben, I would be sad I have only 3 pieces but my name is long:) Good job!

No name noobie here

I do things using a laser and I reckon that takes time... so I can appreciate the 
 This project took longer than I thought it would. 
statement...  I would have made up a nick name for BRANTLEY... was BEN your favourite during the project?

They turned out well and kudos to your scrolling... those letters look nice and straight.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

These turned out great!  Always neat to have customized gifts.  
Couple of points here:
1. Agree with "but worth it this time", doing anything for grandchildren is a pleasure to do. I have 4 myself and I enjoy doing anything for them, especially taking them for ice cream.

2. Regarding cutting the letters twice; if starting with a drilled hole not much bigger than the blade - couldn't the cutout letter be used?, or, couldn't the letter and back portion be cut simultaneously if stacked?

I've never scroll sawed so just looking for knowledge here.

Nice work, I'm sure the grandchildren will be very happy with these.

Thanks Ryan. Same but different. 

Thanks Steve. I hope they have fun. I'll have to tag it, would like to get into the models.

Thanks Yrti. It was enough letters.

Thanks LBD. The kids do have nicknames but felt the full name would be good.

Thanks Barb. I like the custom gifts for family and friends, more from the heart.

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 Eric - the "Loft"
 commented less than a minute ago
Thanks LBD. The kids do have nicknames but felt the full name would be good.

Not quite what I was getting at Lofty, as pottzy would say, ya don't speak duck giblets gibberish.
I was hinting at a nickname a few letter shorter than BRANTLEY and BEN had the least letters... less work... more egg nog time.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

No problem, a couple do have nicknames, even the youngest one "Oli". But yes, it would have been less work by far.

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Good looking puzzles.   Nice signs.    Like it.


Thanks Ron, the kids can hang them on the wall later, I included a picture hanger for the parents to fasten in the event.

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Nice work! I dont know if I would have the patience to do all of them.  I'm sure the kids will love them!

Jerry-Holland Mi

Thanks, Jerry. Yes the patience wore thin a few times, so I would work on something else for a bit.

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So cut are those colours!


Thanks Ivan. I painted the letters after cutting them out and fitting them in to cutouts.

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Great project.  The family will love them.
Great gift for the grandchildren, these will be a nice room decoration for many years to come.
Thanks Cliff. All the grandkids loved them.

Thanks OldTool. That was my thought for the older grandkids.

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