Grandson's second Christmas gift - a Trolley from Daniel Tiger

I built this in late 2017 and it was a very big hit. My grandson loved watching Daniel Tiger. There is a story segment featuring a trolley car . Here is a view of the original.

I built this one from plans in Jim Makowicki's Making Heirloom Toys (Suggestion: Use the Buy Tools link above to help out Craftisian a bit). It is not an exact match to the Daniel Tiger version, but the color scheme got it close enough.

This build is a case where I got so wrapped up in construction that I forgot to take any build pictures. I do remember that it was tricky to get the roof to set on top of all the dowels at the same time. I worked each one into place and had to put the assembly into my bench vise to get everything seated properly.

The coloring is done with TransTint dyes and a couple coats of clear water based polyurethane.

He loved the gift. It was interesting to watch him with it. Rather than drive it around he would just hold it while he watched the show. It now has a place on a shelf in his bedroom.


neat gift, good replica 


Thanks Ron, seeing his reaction when he opened it was all it took to make it worth the effort
very cute toy steve ill bet it made him smile.

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pottz - yes it did. The fun part was when Daniel Tiger would come on he would go get his trolley car and hold it on his lap.

Thanks MsDebbie!
Looks great, Steve! It seems like your grandson can eventually create his own museum of transportation.
Thanks Ron! Both grandkids have quite a collection now.
That's really great work, Steve!  He's a lucky boy.

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Neat!  Thanks again for steering me toward Craftsians,  I'm enjoying the change.


Thanks Paul - & you're welcome! It is a fun place.
Well done, Steve, the colors are nice, and it looks sturdy ready for play. The smiles are what's it's all about.

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Love it, looks excellent Steve. 
Such a great toy sir!

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Know the hassle of aligning multiple dowels...

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

LBD - there was a lot of dowel movement!