U.S. Army Special Forces Shadow Box

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This was a custom build for a repeat customer. He contacted me with an idea for a shadow box for his mother-in-law to honor her son, the late Sergeant First Class Ryan Savard. SFC Savard was killed 13 October 2012 while on patrol in Afghanistan. The customer’s concept as provided is in the 2nd picture. Using Sketch Up, I created the proposal in the 3rd picture. The Delta Forces Dagger was laser engraved on the inside of the plexi-glass. The box is made from cherry with a natural oil finish. While this was not my most difficult project it was definitely my most special.

Pat - Biloxi MS

I want to be fully up front here. I hate the idea of war. I am so sorry about this woman’s loss and I am very impressed with your effort to memorialise his life. I wish, beyond all other wishes, and I have many, that this effort will one day no longer be required.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

The dagger engraving is a great touch…nice work…thank you for sharing

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Unique design and a beautiful shadow box.

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