Perpetual Calendar

   Had a mind to make one of these for most of my life, and when the new millennium began in 2000,
with all of the talk of calendars, it brought the idea to the forefront and I seriously thought about how to do it...
Had to learn about Calendars first... Determined that there are only 14 possible ones; i.e., regardless of how many numbers follow, this series of numbers (a year) can only start on 1 of 7 days of the week, and there are only two different years, regular and "leap" years, hence, 14 different Yearly Calendars....
In all 14 versions, the Numerals are the same order looking at them vertically; i.e. The 1 is (almost) always followed up and down by 8, 15, 22, 29, the two, three, and four similarly...  Two versions of the 1, 2, and 3 placards had to be made to accommodate Leap Years and 30 day months, so 10 vertical placards in all.... Here-s the switch from 28 day February this Year to March...

This was the earliest version I made after stack cutting two of them on the Scroll Saw...
Gave the better result to my Folks for their house...

The one you see on the Blue Wall was the other...
I made a second, slightly fancier version shortly after... as it is some fairly ambitious cutting, I stack cut SIX of them that time...

Those too were given away as gifts over time, except for the set in the Project images...

I particularly like how they look silhouetted in windows... I've never done it, but I always imagined a set of these hanging in a storefront window, facing OUTSIDE! The shadow cast by it inside, would be an image of the correct calendar, and would actually keep perfect time too, as the Sun would cast the shadows inside at exactly the same times and places every Year!   
Thanks for your time! 

5 March 2023

Mike, in Concord, NH - A candle loses none of its flame by lighting another candle...

Interesting idea!

I could see embedding small magnets on the backs and placing them on the fridge as another possible location.

A lot of scroll saw effort, nice job!
Unique and interesting.   Nicely done.   


Neat concept!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

That looks great, a wonderful job with the scrolling. I have seen the calendars before but never like this, a great idea.

Main Street to the Mountains

Very clever and cool too.
Thank You All for your Kind Words and Thoughts!
This is a migratory project from the "other place" if you're having deja vu
That place is a real mess
Wasn't looking forward to copying and pasting all the stuff
and am certainly NOT going to bring everything over
then realized new stories not only could, but should be told,
since these things now have histories of their own

It was a hoot to re-visit this Calendar thing
we have had at least one on a wall or in a window
everywhere we've lived since they were made in 1999-2000
Put Bows on them, to mark Special Occasions
Flat, pinned blades were used for the cutting, 15 tpi
It was slow going and intense, each Placard taking 4-6 hours
even longer, for the second, six-stack cutting, which was almost two inches thick!
If there's ever time, would like to make a double sized set...

Beginning Work on the front hallway/Entrance here 
Built a little Ladder Ledge to reach way-up

It's been cold and haven't done much else yet
but the Calendar tells me Spring is coming soon!

Mike, in Concord, NH - A candle loses none of its flame by lighting another candle...