Question Mark Bookcase

I made this question mark bookcase about three years ago. It was really fun to make, a ton of bending and veneering. The veneer and hardwood is is made out of Ribbon Striped Mahogany. The size is 7'-0" tall x 3'-6" wide x 12" deep. With a natural clear coating. Thank you for looking! 

Dennis Zongker


now thats a unique build. i can only imagine the challenges in doing that.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

no problems for the master 😍😎👍


That is a very interesting piece, I bet it makes for some great conversation. Well-built and I see the challenges that would be involved. Very Well Done.

Main Street to the Mountains

Freeform art 👍

A true study in joinery and the need to plan something out to the end for it all to come together so well.
That is really cool! It must have been a lot of bending!!!!!!!!!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

I never expected a question from you. 😊

Well done Dennis.

Initial thoughts:

1. Seeing this on the home page out of the corner of my eye: WTF IS THAT?!
2. Clicking it: THAT'S THE SH!T
3. Several minutes goes by: (still) THAT'S THE SH!T, really!

Good job.
Great design and even more impressive build. 
impressive build.   have done some small steam bends but yours is huge in comparison.   Great job. 


Wow! I’d love to see a build blog on that…looks complicated!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

You guys are awesome, it's always great to hear from everyone! Thank you so very much!

DevinT: LOL you made my day, with the positive cursing. Love it! Thank you! 

Dennis Zongker

good job

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

So, the question is.  Is this a test of knowledge? Of  skill? Or, just because you can?   Is this bent lamination or steam bent?  How are shelves joined?  How to match all those curved miter cuts ???  Is it solid mahogany or a different substrate?  How is veneer applied to those radius inside and out?   Is this a test to get a master woodworkers graduate degree??? This project has so many questions that it just makes me question why it would be attempted, except to answer the question does one have the skills  and knowledge to do it.  Ask oneself this question.  How can this  be done????????  I question one would have to ask Dennis a lot of questions¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Perhaps I need to question if Dennis is just attempting to inspire us amateur novice wood butchers what real craftsmanship looks like!     So what was the question????????

TimV, "The understanding eye sees the maker's fingerprints, they are evident in every detail, leave Fingerprints." James Krenov

An amazing piece of bent wood sculpture, and an impressive interlectual and practical challenge to make. But it does seem impractical as a bookcase! 

Cool, but I'd like to use another letter... "Y".

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Very nice work, also very interesting to say the least.
Tim0001: Awesome Questions about the Question Mark? Lol I've haven't done a blog on this site yet, but I think I'll do on this project. This was for a customer with way too much money and time on her hands with many books. It was a bending challenge , making the large radius cauls, using bending plywood, Wood on wood thicker veneer. Yellow glueing the veneer with foam glued to the cauls to help get a good glue bond. It was really a fun and challenging project. 

LittleBlackDuck: Yes Y is the question, lol

Dennis Zongker

Ya gotta love people with too much money!
Great workmanship.
This is such an interesting project. So many woodworking challenges. I hope your pay covered the effort!
Wow! that is freaking cool!