Tower Bird Feeder

The plans for this project came out of the Current issue of Woodsmith, looked nice and decided to build it. I did make a few modifications and added some embellishments. The was built from Cedar (had a bunch of drops), base is 5-1/2" Sq and stands 33" high including the finial and finished with Howard's Feed n Wax. The roof lifts off for filling and the base has double blocks with a hole for a 3/4" pipe.

Started out by planed the 3/4" stock down to 5/8" and cut to length and the 45* bevel on the edges, then laid out the windows and location of the small trays, using a fostner bit cut the tops of the windows, and the lower corners, drilled the pin location for the trays. Then off to the scroll saw to cut the windows out. Cleaned up the cuts and ran the trim router along the edges. The trays were milled as one length at the router table, then cut to final length and again the trim router and a little sanding. The trays are attached with 1/4" dowel rod.

Inside the tower is 4 strips for the corners, (this is where I changed plans) I used 3/4" square blanks with a rabbet in two sides to hold the Plexiglass. There is also a 2x block at the top to position the roof, and a double in the bottom which the base is attached to. For the glue up I glued one strip to each side panel and tacked it with the brad Nailer, then glued the case together, temporarly held with rubber bands until I could get the clamps in place.

I used a piece of 2x stock cut at 45* for the start of the roof, (another plan variation), I cut the roof panels with a bevel and glued the panels together, Rubber bands worked great for clamping it up. After that was set up, I did run a fillet on the inside corners, and another fillet after gluing the 2x block into the roof. Then attached the locating block for the roof.

After the clamps came off the sides the trays were then glued in place, and added the trim strip along the corners, and along the seams of the roof. (I think that makes it look better and for added strength. Also turned a finial for the top and mounted it with a 3/8" dowel into the interior block. Everything was sanded prior to assembly. Once the glue set up I applied the finish, easy.

Thank for looking and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

I need to build another on for my sister later in the year, it will make a nice gift and she loves her birds.

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damn nice work as usual my friend ! and the birds will thank you !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Pottz, thanks. That is the plan, working on a different type of feeder too, hope to post that tomorrow.

Main Street to the Mountains

Nice! I saw that in my issue and thought it would be a good build.
Seeing your cedar version is a good idea. I've got a stack of cedar shorts I could use.
you just made all the neighborhood birdys very happy GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


That’s a sharp looking birdhouse Eric, and a nice job building it.


Steve, thanks. The build was not that bad, easy plans. I just made a few modifications for the drops I had in the shop.

Corelz, thanks. The Howard's really brought out the grain and color.

Tony, thanks. Yes, and I get to sit on the porch and watch them.

David, thanks. a fun build, and I was pleased with it.

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That is a real cool should bring in the birds from miles away!!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Neat project . great workmanship.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Sasha. - Life is not a draft, you can't redo it tomorrow

Really great looking feeder.   With 12 feeding stations for the birds to feed,   should keep the entire flock feed.    Good work.


Jim, thanks. Birds, yes. hopefully not the Bears. Although it would be neat to see a bear in the yard.

OldRivers, thanks. I liked working on this one, the roof angles gave me a few fits. One set of panels ended up in the burn pile.

Ganchik, thanks.

Ron, thanks. It should keep them busy, back in the spring I was throwing feed out in the lawn in front of the screened porch, and we would get a large flock of Cardinals feeding, Fun to watch.

Main Street to the Mountains

Very fancy Eric!

Your extras really complete the eye candy. 
Bring on the free loaders!
Man, that is one fine bird feeder... Great job!
Splinter, thanks. I did not want to make the curved roof as in the plans. And I think the caps look better and serve to keep water out of the seams. I did use TB III though.

ScrapPile, thanks. I see you tagged it, that is a wonderful compliment, that someone else wants to build one.

PeakPlane, thanks. And I had fun building it. 

Main Street to the Mountains

Well done, the birds will love you.
OldTool, thanks. I am sure it will be well received.

Main Street to the Mountains

I'm not a fan of bird feeders, as I have an ongoing battle with birds and my roof line... downtown Churchill birds seem to prefer big houses with built in eggnishners and ducted heating... however, its a cool design.

Hate to be the family in the bottom, with 2 squawking families above,,, especially in Spring.
Are the perspex doors for the delinquent payers, or simply home inspection before they decide on the rent?

 Steve Rasmussen
.... I've got a stack of cedar shorts I could use.

KInda makes walking around a tad chafing... interesting alternative to bamboo underwear.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD