Projects (Revisited)

Been working on some small projects, which I have done in the past. These were made up for a local Town Market that I was invited to.

Started with some Pill Bottles or Toothpick Holders, these fit nicely in a pocket at 1" diameter x 4-1/2" long. The cap is a pressure fit and the finish is Shellac and a friction polish. (Heard some great ideas from fellow members, that I will look into for the future). These were made from Purpleheart, Leopardwood, Mimosa, Cherry and Oak.

I did set up and assembly line for the turning, starting with turning between centers, leaving the size for the cap a tad larger. Used a Fostner Bit to drill the hole after cutting them and chucking them in the Nova Chuck and used the M2 Drill Chuck. Then is was just a matter of fitting the cap for a good fit. These actually pop when you take the cap off.

Next was a simple afternoon project, a family of Squirrels, Oven Rack Pusher / Puller, made it easy and just used some cord for a hanger. Finished with Danish Oil followed with Howards Feed and Wax, buffed.

The Adjustable Trivets, these are quick and easy (except the glue up, I only have one jig made up, but I work on other things as that sets) On these I milled the sticks to 3/8" x 5/8" then cut them at 5" lengths, (this seems to be a good size) used the wedgie sled for this set. Also used a variety of woods, Maple, Pecan, Walnut, Oak and Wenge. The finish is Danish Oil followed with Howards Feed and Wax, buffed.

I have some other items sitting on the shelf, which has been boxed up to go with the above. I'll have to see how it goes, and if it will be worth a trip once a month. It's small, but the price is right (FREE) to set up. The folks that show up live on the lakes in the area.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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cool 💩 buddy !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Three really nice project ideas here!
Pottz, thanks. I grouped these together, posted before, but these are from the past week.

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Hope you included assembly instructions for those trivets... they can be a challenge by themselves.

Send a set to pottzy... he just loves puzzles.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Those are very functional pieces that look awesome:)

No name noobie here

LBD, thanks. Yes, those trivets can be a small challenge. I sent some out for Christmas last year and had to try to explain over the phone on how to get them back together. Folks like to pull them apart.

Yrti, thanks. I was looking for small projects that are quick, especially when one makes multiples. 

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Some great little projects there Eric, they ought to do real well.


i love them all and hope you do very well at the show 🙏🤩🍺

just curious and not trying to change your squirrel design but could you put magnets in back the would stick right on oven door ? ? ? 🙄🙄


Liked them the first posting and like them now.   Be interested in how they are received at the town market. 
Should be winners.   


David, thanks. Keeps me busy.

Tony, thanks. I thought about magnets, have some in the shop, but wrong size for the drill bit, but I probably will if I make another round.

Ron, thanks. I am hoping for some winners. Have some of the Coffee Grinders, and Table Caddies that I am throwing in there too.

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Great variety of useful items.  I predict that you'll sell out...and maybe get some orders for more!
Barb, thanks. Hopefully so, and the orders would be a good thing, for the custom work.

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All 3 nice projects, especially for me the pill box, I marvel at your ability to spindle turn that accurately. If it was me attempting these, it would finish as a single toothpick.
OldTool, thanks. The turning is enjoyable for me. Getting the cap to fit took a bit of time, taking off a little check fit, rinse and repeat.

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Triangles look cool and challenging to make


    Awesome!! Lots of useful things for around the house.
 Do you have patterns for the trivets ? I'd like to try one or two.

Ivan, thanks. Not really challenging, just time consuming with the glue up.

Dave, thanks. No plans, I made the trivets a while back. (Copied for Lazyman) no pattern but 12 equal pieces cut at 60* I did create a jig to hold them at the 60* to glue up the first two pieces.

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Eric-the "loft"
Great work Eric...Good assortment.
Those are some great ideas Eric. Good luck at the Market.

.................. John D....................

Cliff, thanks. I like to make different things and adding some variety.

John, thanks. The Market was not the bad, hot than blazes. Sold a few items, so I can purchase more wood for the future.

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