Two Sided Buffet


For this two sided buffet it was a team effort to complete. The Buffet is made out of Genuine Mahogany and Walnut hardwoods and walnut burl veneer. Both sides are a mirror image of each other. The unit size is 42” high x 36” deep x 80” Long. Each Elliptical panel carving took me 32 hours, a total of 256 hours.
My brother Dan designed the Buffet, I designed the carvings and engineered the blue prints. Then I routed out the elliptical panels and carved the oak leaf and acorns also the eight medallions and worked on the corbels. My Son Eric Zongker turned on the lathe the eight bun feet. Mike Irvin who has been a craftsman here at Zongkers for over ten years. Mike made the unit, doors, side panels, and top edges. Also Curt Star made the drawers and worked on the corbels, Curt has been with us for over 17 years.

For finishing the buffet my son Eric and I finished sanded, conditioned, toned, and stained and finished the piece. It was a very tough color to achieve. It seems like dark colors are always complicated.

Dennis Zongker


We LOVE your work. It just keeps getting more and more drool-worthy! Congratulations to your fine team of craftsmen.


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Another fine carving piece of craftsmanship. Your carving never ceases to amaze me. Fantastic piece!!!

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

OH WOW, great Craftsmanship! Very beautiful piece.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Thank you very much, for your kind complements.

Dennis Zongker

Thanks for posting. It’s gorgeous and inspiring!

A great collaboration,beautiful peace and as alway a work of art.

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well done, Dennis and Co


makes you want to stand there and just run your hands over all the wood and the details

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Great piece of furniture. Very cohesive for a team project.

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