This was one of the most enjoyable boxes that I have made so far. The butterfly and Lilies incorporated into the marquetry I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I inlayed some Mother of Pearl and Abalone on both top faces of the top to look like a Gem Star .

I made this box for my wife Patti, because she likes to make jewelry. The trays are used to store gem’s, pearls, and other parts to make bracelets necklaces and ear rings.

The hardwood is out of Wenge and the box is veneered with Pelin burl, the marquetry is out of Dyed yellow, black, green veneer, Walnut burl, purple heart, Wenge, birds eye maple Holly, and white oak. The box size is 7" Tall x 11" Wide x 17" long.

Dennis Zongker


It’s a gem Dennis.

Such a fine combination of material some of it I never heard of: Pelin burl.
Now Patti has to make extra beautiful jewelry to match such a fine box.

I couldn’t make up the shape of the splines from the pictures. Is it a diamond or butterfly?
I see diamond on the trays.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Dennis, that is a lovely box. I especially love the marquetry work on this one. Are you working on projects for another book?

Look at your project on a bigger screen answered my question.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

The marquetry work on this is stunning. I love your choice of woods and veneers. A beautiful gift.


Thank you very much Ianwater, Woodbridge, Celticscroller, and yes I have started another book, I must be crazy! O yes I am a little crazy I’m a woodworker. lol

Dennis Zongker

Another fantastic beautifully made box Dennis. I love the butterfly marquetries and of course all of the fine details incorporated into the design too. Your wife must be really pleased with it.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Thank you very much Mike, for the kind complements. And yes she is very happy with the box and using it for storage, I pray she won’t scratch the finish. lol

Dennis Zongker

The quality of your design and work speaks volumes, Dennis. Well deserved editor’s choice.


Fantastic Gem box .Another project that screams quality and master craftsman.Beautiful!

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

It looks like I’m a little late to the show, but nonetheless another beauty, is there no end to your creativity? Say hi to Patti and stay safe up there in Omaha!

Dave Clark

.. definitely worth another look. The legs on this … extraordinary

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