Toddler Chair

Toddler Chair

I have a 1y/o and that girls love to sit on stuff, if we sit on the floor bam there she goes to sit on our leg, if her sister lays on the floor bam she goes sits on her. So i had to make her a chair. I went to home depot and saw this beauty in the 70% off rack so i had to buy it.

I then mocked up a chair to see how it fit her.

At first i was going to make it basic, just as mocked up and go, but i thought to my self i have all these tools let me make some use out of them. I took the side rails to the bandsaw and gave them a little shape.

Again i mocked it up.

Still needed more attention, so i got my router out.

After routing the edges i was happy with the results and put it together.

Now both my girls are happy, one cause she has some where to sit, and the other because she will not get sat on any more!


Great job Tony. Looks like just what she needed. You have a beautiful family.


Very cute. Especially the before and after pictures. :-)

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Looks great I’m sure she lIves the chair it’s hers. Great buy on the board.


Nice chair

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I like the way you rounded the corners and eased the
profiles . It looks great, and, it is properly built . Lovely piece .

Good job looks great

Rick Franks

Lol thats so awesome! Priceless moments. I have two girls and one boy and much older but, them memories never leave. Love the wood tone. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Thanks, she is enjoying it. I have to let yall in on a secret, on the 6th picture that little notch on the side pieces was a total screw up! I was using my router with a bearing round over bit, and totally forgot about the slot for the seat part, well the router just bit a chunk out i reacted quick enough that it wasn’t to big. I was kicking my self, but then i got the idea to put a guide on the top side to let the router bite into the slot and create that little notch, it ended up not looking bad, and i was able to replicate my “mistake” on the other side.

That is awesome.. How big was the original board? My first grandchild is due and I’m looking for ideas!

good looking chair great wood grain

allen newman

Tony the chair looks awesome I would like to make one of those for my granddaughter. Do you happen to have a plan for it that you could share. I can never put a thought of what I want to do on a board without a plan. Its a beautiful chair, simple to make if I had a plan. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Dankage, I just kind of winged it. I will draw it up and post it. I did spend a lot of time just staring at the board wondering what I wanted to do.

Caseydblair, I think it was 1×12×8ft.

No it might only be 10" wide. I measured it the other day to reply to you, but got distracted and now I don’t remeber. I will check when I get home.

Nice work Tony

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Thanks! You know i got lucky with this. I made the base pretty wide, not thinking stability, just more keeping the whole wood. Well it worked out great because it is very well balanced, my toddler crawls all over it stands on it and it does not topple over! I was like wow.