Altar for Coffee Worship

Altar for Coffee Worship
Altar for Coffee Worship
Altar for Coffee Worship

Okay, I admit it. We love good coffee. Strong, creamy and sweet. Some days it’s good for you, other days it’s not. As of recently, it looks like it may be good for you. All depends on what the doctors find out and maybe what mood they are in. Probably not good for you unless in moderation. Well, we’re not exactly moderates when it comes to coffee. We do make decaf a lot but the morning brings a pot of the high test stuff.

Long ago… in a time far, far away, there used to be a thing called a percolator. It boiled water very hot and sent it through a tube up the center of the coffee maker. The water spilled over into a metal basket filled with coffee. It did that over and over again until all the flavor was gotten from the coffee.

At some point “Mr. Coffee” took over. Drip coffee makers are just that; drips. They let the coffee seep through the grounds, once, and then it’s done. The coffee doesn’t brew, it drips. Sounds a bit sappy doesn’t it?

I had in mind that I would one day go back to the time of the percolated coffee. But as I often do I make sure I cause a lot of work for myself before I reward Joyce and I with something. She waited a year for a new TV. I had to remodel the house first. This time the percolator was just a few days.

We needed a little more space in the kitchen and we had an empty wall between the fridge and a door. A hutch was in order. It started out with the idea of it being an all purpose hutch, dishes, microwave, coffee and such. Then I decided that it couldn’t stick out that much and the was wasn’t that big, so it became solely for coffee. Here’s the result:

The hutch is made entirely of cherry. Solid with cherry plywood only on the back. It’s about 34” wide and 16” deep on the counter. It has two doors for carafes and other items and a large deep drawer that holds the tea’s, coffee, sweetener, etc. The top of the hutch, the ‘hutch’ part, (I suppose the bottom could be called the ‘starsky’) is for cups and decorative items. The design isn’t really fancy and it is made to compliment the door and window casing design I made on the rest of the place. The counter has a sheet of polycarbonate on it to protect it from infamous coffee spills. A hole in the counter leads to a power strip in side the bottom section of the hutch

You will notice that we have a new presto coffee percolator on it. I just made a pot of coffee for the first time and it is markedly deeper and richer but without any bitterness. A noticeable difference. hotter too.

So, if anyone happens to come over and wants a cup of coffee or two. We’re ready for you.

Dan Gagner, Craftsman on the lake. The lake is calm, the wife is understanding, the wood is dry. What more is there...


An absolutly wonderful idea, and fantastic execution. The story is inspiring and the piece is just absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing the story and pictures.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

That’s a great looking piece, coffee has to taste better made on that. Should all of us call before we come or just show up for coffee?



The cabinet looks beautiful! The latest study claims that 5 cups of coffee daily reduces the chances of heart disease. My husband wasn’t included in their scientific study though. Maybe his six stents and multiple heart attacks is because the 5 cups daily that he drinks aren’t the right sized cup or the right brand of coffee!


“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

love the title, love the story … and if I drank coffee I’d take you up on your offer ;)

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Looks beautiful. I love the way it looks, reminds me of the old hutches that they used way back when.

Very nice,this looks great.

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