A Boat in under 40 Hrs.

A Boat in under 40 Hrs.

I was at the lumber yard some time ago and saw a kit for a pirogue, called the “Classic Cajun Pirogue”. It came with 2 stems and 9 pieces of wood for the frames. My question to myself was can I do it in under 40 hrs.
I bought the kit and off we went.
The planks were scarfed together using a scarffer from Gougeon Bro’s. As you can see from pic 1 the frames are inset to define the shape of the boat. Then the bottom is taped on using blue tape and turned over. On the inside a goop of epoxy and a filler are applied in/on seam and all is good for 8 hrs drying time. I added rub-rails and turned the boat over. 3" fiberglass was applied on the chines with polyester resin (Shipwright; do not look now).
I then filled and primed the inside and outside. Total time 35 hrs.
My neighbor had a disaster. His garage where he kept his skiff burnt down. Since my wife, not nautical inclined, wanted the boat gone from the yard, I gave it away.
Since then it has caught a lot of fish. This boat does not have a rough live. Bayou paddle is all.
The boat ended weighing 34 lbs. with paint. I used store bought (1/4" luan plywood NOT) 1/4 exterior grade plywood, the best I could get for the hull, and fir for the rub rails.

I wish I had more pics.

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Looks like a fine boat. It is however the epoxy on the inside, not the polyester on the outside that’s keeping it together. :-)
You lost me on the Luan plywood for the hull. That sure looks like fir plywood and sure not like Luan. Did I misunderstand something?

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No you are right about the plywood. It is the cheep stuff. Looking at my notes that is what it is.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

I amazed you can use plywood for the bottom. I guess it holds when it’s totally sealed.

I obviously have never built anything even closely related to a boat :)

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Looks like fun. Sorry to hear about your neighbor.

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I have built 3 very similar, but coated the outside with glass, added 50lbs.

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Very cool great job.

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