Pallet Wood Shed


This is my entry for the pallet wood creation contest.
I started building it in the late fall of 2013
And put the finishing touches on it in the fall of 2014.
It is All pallet wood, except the floor and roof.
I have $429.00 in it! Including the shingles
A few sheets of OSB for the roof and 3/4"
Plywood for the floor, and a few boards
For the trusses, that I built myself as well.
I believe its H Duty enough to thwart an RPG attack if need be! Lol

Steve Tow

I should give that a try. My lawn mower is often threatened with RPG attacks. Better safe than sorry! :-)

Losing fingers since 1969

Steve, that’s awesome. i have an old shed at my weekend retreat that needs some TLC, was thinking of using pallet boards as shingles (not my idea, saw it online), this is a great idea as well. Thanks for sharing!



Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Down right fancy shed Steve, plus it’s made from pallet wood,very nice.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thanks again a1jim!

Steve Tow