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Tree Base Slab Table

Last week I had started redoing my slab table That I’ve had sitting outside for the last few years. It had digressed to the point of throwing it, but I just had to try and fix it. I put oak bow ties in the main 3
Cracks , using my small router, and hand chisels, then, put six more smaller walnut
Bow ties in the outer cracks. I shored it underneath with some small metal brackets.
The top is shown with its first coat of tongue oil..
I’ve been working on the new base today,
Planing down some Oak, and to my surprise, a beautiful piece of hard maple!
Shown is a big pike of shavings from my 50 year old planer I bought for $30. Last winter. I was sitting, and admiring my nice pile of shavings, and I realized how perfectly content I am at this moment.

-- Steve Tow



Great work with the bowties. Looks fantastic. It must weigh a ton.


A real conversation piece. What kind of wood is the slab?


Jeff Vandenberg

Thats awesome. Yeah I wish my insurance agent would give up the huge slab sitting by his office. Its like 4 "thick by 50 + round. I loved to make a table with it.
Yours looks great.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Steve Tow

The slab is actually maple. Its only 3" thick, so I actually cut an undersized pattern of it, using 1/2" plywood, as well as the small metal brackets, to tie it together, and make a nice flat base for the end table base I am making for it.

-- Steve Tow

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking)

Very nice work . Good idea using bow ties .

-- Wheaties

Steve Tow

Thanks Bruce!

-- Steve Tow

Malcolm & Mark

That’s a really great table and the bowties very neat.

-- Love to keep busy in retirement -

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Tree Base Slab Table