Bookshelf / hidden door

Bookshelf / hidden door
Bookshelf / hidden door

One of our customers had a problem with his home. His house was over 200 years old with an extension that had been added in the 1960′s. To link the new to the old the decision was made by the customer for us to make him this hidden door.

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Looks really cool…what’s it made out of? What sort of hinges can handle that load? Are the books real?

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

I always love to see secret/hidden doors/drawers/compartment/etc. Thanks for sharing.


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I couldn’t tell it was a hidden door until I clicked on the second picture.
What a great idea! I love hidden spaces behind bookcases.

I bet the customer was really happy.

Great Job.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Cool idea! Thinking outside the box… Err bookcase… Door, you know what I mean. looks great!

I’m curious about the hinges too. The hinge used on the doors at the end of the cars on the LIRR, on which I commute daily, are the beefiest piano hinges I have ever seen. They look like they will last the life of the car with no maintenance whatsoever. I imagine something like that would be necessary for this bookcase to ensure it doesn’t start to fall down over time.

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Great bookcase / door there. You’d never know it was there! Please elaborate on the hinge mech. I see a steel plate at the bottom right. Maybe a ball bearing pivot point?

Thank you for the comments. The timber used for this project is called tulip wood (canary whitewood) and its all hinged on a pivot at the top, and a heavy duty hydraulic level floor spring at the bottom where the chrome part is on the right hand side. The hinge strength is adjustable so the door/bookshelf has a controlled close and all the books stay on the shelves.

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Beautiful,creative and very tricky :)

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