reclaimed Doug Fir, slab top, trestle table


I designed this table to show case the amazing old growth fir beams. The top is attached to the base by a sliding dove tail to keep the top flat, and allow for wood movement. The base is assembled using through tenons and wedges. Everyone calls it the “Viking Table”.


the Viking Table is a good name for it … I would LOVE to have this beautiful “solid” table in my home…
and I’d love to have a home where this table would fit in beautifully!

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The sliding dovetail is a nifty and very good looking way of securing the top.

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Very kewl table, Great job.

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That is awesome. Love seeing old wood find new life and that is awesome.

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I saw your table on a small scree yesterday and thought it deserve to be vied on a bigger screen to truly appreciate it’s beauty.

Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! love it. The size is beautiful…outstanding piece.

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great design and beautiful work !

Beautiful table! I have a couple of questions…first, how did you cut the sliding dovetails? Second, how much does that thing weigh???

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Thanks, for the sliding dovetails I just hogged them out with a skill saw and cleaned it up with a 7/8" router bit. That one weighs about 200 pounds

That’s one heck of a table ,good looking and sturdy as all get outs.

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Great work and love the coloring as well.

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