Floating shelf under TV


Live edged elm shelf with mahogany supports and trim. There’s cable space behind. Elm is gorgeous to look at and fun to work with. Since it’s over a radiator I put reflective insulation on the underside. Finished with Tung Oil and paste wax.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)


Nice job, I like the color of the Elm, good finish.



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I really like that!!
Blending the Elm with a contemporary look…..very nice! !!!
Thanks for sharing, love it!!!

Steve Tow

well done.
I have never worked with elm. It looks nice.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Beautiful, excellent job. Good thinking on the insulation for the underside.


Elm is brilliant, it’s like a hardwood when you saw it but like cedar when you plane it. You need deadly sharp blades and my scraper is now an 1/8" smaller than when I started (sharpen, scrape, sharpen, scrape). The scraper was the tool to remove the “hairs” and once gone, such a wonderful, waxy, wavy surface.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Nice looking shelf.

Randy - If I'm not on the computer than I'm out making sawdust.

you picked my interest…

I will buy some next time I visit the lumber yard.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Gives your radiator a nice modular look . Nice job .

heh, it’s my sister-in-law’s rad but yeah….
It was a birthday present. She’s pleased and so…so am I.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)