Sanding Station With Adjustable Hood


This is my sanding station for small items. It’s become a major asset to my shop, because of the amount of dust it cuts down.

I can do items about four feet long by flipping them around. When necessary, I can lay larger items in at an angle and out the top, which still collects most the dust. Too, since the hood adjusts up and down by adjusting each corner hood support, items nearly three feet tall can be sanded. Of course, the closer I work to sanding table, the better the dust collection.

This started as just a box I laid on the Workmate or another surface. It helped, but I always knew it could be much better. To make it better, I added legs so it didn’t have to search for a surface on which to rest during use.

Next, I added sides with adjustable corner poles (for lack of a better term) so I could keep the working area as small as possible, for good air draw, but raise the sides for larger items, when needed.

For the hood, I had a large piece of nylon laying around and it makes an excellent hood for controlling the amount of area air is drawn from.

The box is about two inches deep at the front and about six inches at the back, where the dust collector connects.

The back, as seen in the photo, has a four inch port, to which my 3hp collector attaches, by way of a Super Dusty Deputy Cyclone.

This works so well, I try to do all my small routering projects in it, since it stops most of the debris from the operation going airborne.

The table measures about two feet by two feet. The holes were hand drilled (it’s an hour to town and I didn’t have peg board) and are just a little larger than you would find in peg board.

Looks like it will work real well , nice going


Just for reference, I lifted the nylon for a shot of the sides and back, to allow a better idea of the original construction of the box, the simplicity of the adjustable sides and exhaust port.

It’s somewhere on the list of a thousand things to do, but I plan on shaping and sewing or welding the nylon to make it a bit more appealing to the eye. The only thing that would change that would be if I thought I might make a new, foot wider one (i.e., the table would be three feet wide and two feet deep.

Great idea Kelly. I’m working on a small sanding table so I am going to borrow a couple of your ideas, thank you.


Very innovative design.

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