End Grain Chopping block and Fence Posts


I guess I should start with the fence posts.
A family friend asked me to help him build a fence, and after I agreed he smiled.
I look at him and say “yeah what?”
He then informs me they are two lenghts of 4.8M x 100mm x 100mm rough sawn timber.

So we cut them into six lengths about 1.6M, jointed them, they were surprisingly square for rough sawn timber, so it did not take too much time, just two people to handle them.
We them ran them through the small thicknesser I had and we were both surprised as to the results and features of th timber.

We radiused them and a tidy up with some 120 grit saw them finished ready to install.

The off cuts:

There were a few off cuts left over, just enough to make a end grain chopping block, so I decided to “attempt” to make a Christmas present for his wife.

I found I had just enough if I used a couple with cracks in them so oriented the grains the best I could, put the defective ones in the middle and then glued four sections together first up.
Once they were set I used my table saw to cut a datum edge on each of the four.
this took some skill as my saw was not large enough to cut them in one pass.
However I got a reasonable surface to work from.
With this done I then glued the four sections together.

Then the hard work comenced, sanding them down so they were all flat and parallel.

Once this was done the final surface was at 320 grit I filled any "pot holes with CA glue and hand scraped the surface.

Its now set aside to see if I get any nasty surprises, otherwise its to be edge finished handles added and wrapped for Christmas. !!

Safety and Admin:
If you were wondering why there is no guard or riving knife on my saw I was using it as a surface table, and why is everything in the yard? no workshop just a table and driveway.

Posted Late
Additional Information:
Well its been a week now and no nasty surprises happened so I oiled it up
The oil was grapeseed oil applied with a piece of rag.

Regards Rob

Very cool

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Its now Aug 2022 and the board has been returned for maintenance.
It seems to have been used under a deep fryer or crockpot and has suffered drying on one side. We did a moisture test and it was x on the top and 2x on the bottom, so it was et aside to normalise first up then see what work is needed to return it to its former shape.

Regards Rob

Looks grand, good job.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)