Under bed storage drawer

Under bed storage drawer

The Rabbit and I have guests coming next week. This means madly trying to find a spot for all the stuff that’s made its home in the guest room. I built this underbed storage box yesterday. It’s mdf with pine trim. Half a sheet of 18mm mdf and half a 1750 × 200 × 18mm pine board, to be exact. half lap joints on the mdf, glued and brad nailed. The pine was shaped and nailed on the same way. The castors (four 38mm rollers across the back) and handles were salvaged. The tricky bit was the three way mitre joint on the top front corners. The front “leg” was rough cut on the bandsaw then finished on a spindle sander. I’m satisfied. Total cost probably less than 15 quid. AND…because I was using the brad nailer I just felt soooo Norm Abrams.

Waiting for the paint to dry is taking longer than the build :)

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)


I know that scramble to find a place for all the clutter that accumulates throughout the house when guests are coming. This is a great solution. Nice job!

That a good idea. The drawer looks pretty neat too, you did a very fine job on that.

We have been debating the same idea, my wife and I. We also need space to store stuff.
I am ready to redo the box spring and put 6 drawers in it as soon as she okay it.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Don’t show my wife this project. ;-)

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Very good idea,nice work.

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