Casket Final Picture

On Tuesday 02-02-2016 my Dad ( James Woods Wheatcroft ) passed away and joined my Mom in Heaven . I had more relief than grief because he was in so much pain and suffering . Sitting in a wheel chair all day . I took the casket to the Funeral Home and then on Friday we all met at the cemetery for a Veterans Memorial .After the Memorial , Myself , my brother Rick and my brother Jerry each hammered a brass nail through the lid into the vertical handrail supports to seal the casket . May he rest in peace . Love you Pop .

-- Wheaties

sorry Bruce he is in a better place now and he has something you made with him you will be with him always in heart and wood soory

-- jim

Bruce, I’m so sorry for your loss.
I know you will always treasure the memory of being able to build the casket for your Dad.

-- Jaybird

Mighty sorry to hear about your dad Bruce. The honor you showed him by building that meant so much to him I’m sure.

-- Jack

Sorry for your loss sir. Casket looks beautiful. Im sure your father was proud of you. Now you have 2 angels in heaven looking over you.

-- Wheaties

I’m So sorry for your families loss Bruce, your casket is a great tribute to your father ,may he rest in peace,

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

God bless. The one thing you make that you hate to see put to use. It’s a beautiful casket. I’m sure your dad was proud of that.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

The grief of loss, the joy of memories, the relief that the pain has ended, and the satisfaction, honor, humility of creating something so deeply personal. God Bless.

-- Wheaties

Sorry for your loss Bruce.
May he rest in peace.
We suffer when see love one suffer. I am sure you were reminded of that every time you took a shaving during the casket build. I truly admire admire your courage.

The casket turned out beautiful.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

-- Wheaties

Sorry for your loss, wonderful to be able to make something so elegant for your father.

-- wood wolf

-- Wheaties