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David Clark
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I recently traveled to England to take a 5 day course with master box builder Andrew Crawford This is the box that we made in the class. It is a small walnut timber jewelry box with a bookmatched walnut inlay banded with sycamore. It sports Andrews own “smarthinges” and “smartlock” with a mother of pearl escutcheon and an interior tray and pigskin lining. It is finished with danish oil and sports a small 45º top and bottom bevel. Not only did I come home with a fine box, but with a notepad full of ideas, jigs, methods a advice that will change my approach to boxbuilding.

Dave Clark

Nicely done indeed. And I completely agree that a bit of time with Andrew does change ones approach to box making. I like your work a lot.

I though The style was something I have seen before. Then I read your description :)

Very clean and elegant box.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


Amazing teacher . . . gifted student! Thanks for sharing.


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The box is beautiful. I’ve looked at it several times. I just noticed something. The top isn’t mitered. It appears to be butt jointed. Is that right?

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thanks for your comments; and you are right, the corners are not mitered. Andrew favors a rabbet joint on the corners; as he feels it is more secure . It is easier to keep square during the glue up also (in my opinion)

Dave Clark

What a refined beauty!

Well done, I believe you can learn in a week from a great teacher what it would take a year on your own but it looks like you must have had some skills going into that class. I’m a true believer in woodworking classes. That is just a beautiful box!

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Great looking box. It looks like you paid attention in class.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Wonderful box,beautiful build.

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