Dart Board Cabinet

Dart Board Cabinet
Dart Board Cabinet
Dart Board Cabinet

This is a project my husband and I worked together on. Steve and I have two workshops – his and hers. His is all wood shop and mine is CO2 laser.
We reproduced the Chrysler building elevator door pattern for the upper doors and for the small drop door, we reproduced the interior design of the same elevator. The doors are inlaid with many species of wood veneers and some of the other fine details are hand painted.
We used the CO2 laser for the design on the doors and they are baltic birch ply. The rest of the cabinet was done in our wood shop and is made from black walnut with beautiful finger joints.


Just amazing. Welcome to WoodworkingWeb :)

Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Beautiful and cool idea for the design.

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Great work!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


What a fancy dartboard. I wouldn’t let anyone get a dart near it. It’s a work of art!


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Absolutely beautiful!

“his” and “hers” shops; very cool, tell us more about that and your woodworking as a team.

John @The Hufford Furniture Group

Amazing…don’t let anyone throw darts at that!!!!


I am an avid dart thrower and throw on a team. I would be proud to display that hard tip box!

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Thank you all! We bought a CO2 laser to help us with woodworking as we got closer to retirement, but as it turns out – my husband Steve (he’s a wood carver as well) seems to be no where near a slowing point and there is more demand for the laser work as well. Best of both worlds so to speak. We find time to sneak in some of our own projects from time to time or make great use of R & D! This was one of those special projects that I had wanted to do for several years and finally made time for it!
As I mentioned earlier, we have two shops – His (all wood tools) and Hers (computer and laser)

My shop is 7’ X 11’ (5 lbs of sugar in a 10 lb bag) and Steve’s is 19.5’ X 24’.
We have been self employed for over 20 yrs and couldn’t imagine doing any thing else!

Beautiful work, I guess there is something to be said about having separate shops to keep you out of each others hair and yet your still only a few steps away when needed :) I can see why your work is in demand. Great job!

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Absolutely beautiful. And so fun to hear about your shops!

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Most beautiful outstanding work.

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