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I have files and rasps that don’t work all that well and the very good ones are not in the budget so I thought I make one from wood with a replaceable sandpaper covering that can be changed to different grits.
For this one I used a 80 grit cloth back disc which is self adhesive and it works great but for a more rasp like version I will likely use a 36 grit and use spray adhesive to fasten it .
While I was at it I made a little fancy handle rather then just use it with a shaped end on the maple strip that I used .
So Far I like it and it workes as well or better than a file and if it stands up I will likely make a complete set .

Nice idea. Nothing like a rasp or file that doesn’t work well. Thanks for posting.

I’ve used that trick many times. Never with such a beautiful handle, though.

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Kiefer; slow down. You make the rest suck. :)

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

hey that is taking what you have and making it work, nice handles also….this was nice to see, today i did something ive never done before, i went and bought something at harbor freight….:(..i bought a compressor….i plugged it in, it ran and filled the tank, i pulled the plug to drain the air to see when it would kick back on…it has not come back on…:(….i checked the fuse…it looks fine…oh i’m still …….lets just say on a silent warpath….words that i shall not let out…..i say try things once……i did…and now im done…but thanks for getting my mind off of it…:))

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Kiefer; slow down. You make the rest of us suck. :)

Sorry I was in a hurry in my first post.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Good idea kiefer. I did similar with psa sand paper but different grit on different sticks.
Nothing as nice as yours.

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What a cool idea good job.

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