Barrister door mechanism model

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After looking at all the barrister cabinets that have been posted recently and the wracking issues that where encountered I came up with a solution that could easily be made .
I used some LEGO gears and parts and a little cog belt to make a little model and also put a video together that will explain it better then text .

Lego’s and 2×4s? Gotta hand it to you… You don’t just think outside the box you make your own!

Great idea and explanation. Not sure if you mentioned this in the video, but the cogs must be fixed to the axle so the are forced to turn together (as opposed to independently). Where do you think you could find off the shelf parts for a real build? I can’t think of anything but I bet someone that works in a machine shop could source it.

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Hey Brian
One way to get the gears and rack is to make them from Baltic Birch ply with a wood dowel as an axle and the gears fastened to it .
Also industrial supply places handle this kind of items .
Just a matter of searching the web .

I never thought of making my own gears but the idea of how to do it on the router table just popped into my head. :-)

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Bingo is right!

Thanks for the video Kiefer. Excellent mechanism.
I played with the kids with the same gear you described. Never I thought of sliding door for a barrister bookcase.

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That is just awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Very good job Mc giver I mean Klaus.

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