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Copper Plated Station & Projects

Copper Plated Station & Projects

Looking for ways to make my fiddling stand out and because the processes have long intrigued me, I started looking into the world of electroplating and electroforming. After looking into it, I decided to build a rolling, dedicated station where I could both do the work safely and store materials.

The station has:

  • A 2′×4′ footprint
  • Is mobile (heavy duty casters)
  • Built in LED lighting
  • Variable speed exhaust fan
  • Switches to control and aquarium air pump, an aquarium heater, the lighting and the variable control for the fan by way of feeding into the hot side of four double gang outlets on the back side of the control panel.
  • Two of the double gang outlets on the back are not switch controlled. One is for the power supply, which has its own switch, and any other item which might need a spot in the future.
  • For each switch, I installed and indicator light to warn when the pump, heater or fan were on.
  • The panel can hold two power supplies (one on top and one on the bottom). If I added a supply (and I might), the panel has room for “Left” and “Right” bath switches for the additional heater and air pump.
  • The power panel feeds into a single, 12 gauge cord and plug. This is more than ample for the power, since the heavy draw is the meager fan and the aquarium heaters.
  • I installed four corner posts around the work area and joined them at the top and bottom to allow me to contain any gases emitted and draw them off with the fan.

Currently, the area is just wrapped in plastic, but I may install some of the water proof material used in bath surrounds to replace it, since it’s durable and the bright white will add to how well lite the already well lit work are is lit (whew).

  • Under the work area-panel is storage for a couple five gallon containers, extra copper sulfate, battery acid, brightener and what have you, all of which is contained in tubs, in case a container fails.

Looks great very nice design.

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Beautiful ornaments , and a nice work station , …cool .