Abstract Ripple #5


Abstract Ripple #5 is a very unique abstract wall carving which I carved using my CNC machine in artist quality Baltic birch plywood. The carving reveals the individual plywood layers which vary in color resulting in a striking pattern similar to ‘Mokume Gane’. The structure of the carving is asymmetric and the wood’s natural imperfections adds to the beauty and uniqueness of this work. The carving is approximately 22″ × 22″. The edges of the carving are painted black.
A video showing more detail is available on my website: http://rogergaborski.com
Please post any comments or questions you might have.
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This is way cool Roger.

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I LIKE IT (yeah, that was yelling).

I just love CNC machines. The mind is the the only hindrance.

Very nice by the way.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


That’s a very interesting piece of art!


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