Wooden scroll


I am a woodcarver and most of what I do is called chip carving. Chip carving is decorating with designs using a knife. This is the wooden scroll I just finished. It is made of 8/4 basswood with the corners having 6/4 added to allow for the carved scrolled corners to be carved. All the lettering and designs are carved with a kinfe. The piece is approximately 28″ × 36″.

Roger Strautman

a true masterpiece carving by a master carver….well done Roger.

Mark DeCou Studio (decoustudio.etsy.com)

Wow! That is a lot of carving. Well done!

wow, there’s carving and then there is carving!!! Very impressive technique and patience to do this!

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Your chip carving is always incredible.


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extraordinary … in awe

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its beautiful. very well done

Wonderful, amazing work Roger.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Wow another beautiful and amazing carving.

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