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Wooden scroll

I am a woodcarver and most of what I do is called chip carving. Chip carving is decorating with designs using a knife. This is the wooden scroll I just finished. It is made of 8/4 basswood with the corners having 6/4 added to allow for the carved scrolled corners to be carved. All the lettering and designs are carved with a kinfe. The piece is approximately 28″ × 36″.

-- Roger Strautman

a true masterpiece carving by a master carver….well done Roger.

-- Mark DeCou Studio (

Wow! That is a lot of carving. Well done!

wow, there’s carving and then there is carving!!! Very impressive technique and patience to do this!

-- Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Your chip carving is always incredible.


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extraordinary … in awe

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

its beautiful. very well done

Wonderful, amazing work Roger.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Wow another beautiful and amazing carving.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker