Leigh finger and dovetail jig box


This was a project from a few years back. Have you ever seen one of those woodworking items that you just thought you couldn’t do without. Well the Leigh jig was that item for me. After getting it I decide that the jig needed a box to hold all the miscellaneous items in. If I’m going to make a box I had better carve on it so I know what is in it. The box is make from butternut wood and was stained after it was carved. All the finger joints were made with the finger joint extra attachment for the Leigh jig.

Roger Strautman

Wow, that’s really nice.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Although I’m an Akeda DT jig guy, I can still understand the desire to decorate the custom boxes you build for your tools. I do it too.
Your carving on this one is lovely. Thanks.

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Nothing quite like making it beautiful and practical all at the same time!


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A big Thanks for the Editors Choice Award!

Roger Strautman

I can’t wait to see your other carving.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Excellent work Roger

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